Mak Man Kee - The best noodles

Quality Canton noodles do not have any hint of alkaline. They are scented, tasty, smooth, and even crispy. Handmade noodles are always the best noodles. The seemingly primitive production process always surpasses modern machinery.

Mak Man Kee - The best noodles

Tiger prawn wonton noodles in soup $21
The wonton is filled with prawn meat. It is small in size but big in taste. It goes well with Canton noodles.

Dry noodles with shrimp eggs $32
Even the simplest ingredients are treated with great care. The shrimp eggs are fried nonstop in a dry wok, which is exclusively dedicated to this purpose, so that they would not be burnt. The rich taste forms a savoury dish with dry noodles.

Spending efforts to refine products is actually economically beneficial for small enterprises. This 50-year-old eatery is very small. One is prone to touch the neighbouring customer’s chopsticks because everyone is sitting very close to each other. Though the restaurant has gone through half a century, moving from a street stall to a shop, it still insists on providing handmade noodles to its patrons. The restaurant owner, Lesley Mak, said that the key of producing quality noodles lies in the time and the alkaline used. "Handmade noodles require much effort. Simply pressing noodles could cost up to two hours. But only in this way we can adjust the amount of all the ingredients according to the climate."

Lesley told us that every single step in the production process is important. That is why she follows her Dad's practice closely to handmake noodles. She puts in duck eggs, which contain more gelatin, so that the noodles can be smoother.  Her handmade noodles are al dente, with no hint of alkaline.

A bowl of noodles in soup costs about $20, while a bowl of dry noodles in dish costs $32. The quantity is actually modest.  If you want a drink or some oyster sauce, you have to pay more.  Not good value? Ask the crowd in MMK and try the taste of the noodles there.  You will find that it is worth the money.

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