Boss sends food supplements to her sick employer

Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme in 2011

The wonton can fit into one’s mouth. The whole prawn in each wonton can give a richer texture than minced prawn meat. No pork is used in the filling. It is the prawn which gives the wonton its luscious taste.

1. Lesley Mak (left), MMK's second generation owner, sent a lot of food supplements and fruit to Ng Yunfong when the latter was sick.
2. Ng Yunfong is mainly responsible for staff meals. But she also helps in other duties.
3. Lesley Mak cares much about her employees.

Ng Yunfong had worked in Chinese restaurants and convenience stores before she started working in MMK. She holds that her boss in MMK, Lesley Mak, is the best boss she has ever had. Lesley, MMK’s second generation owner, is actually younger than Yunfong. She sent Yunfong a lot of food supplements and fruit after Yunfong had an operation. She also asked Yunfong not to resume duty until she was totally recovered. Yunfong was moved. At the time she was diagnosed to have a lump in the uterus, she had worked in MMK for only two years. But she was granted a two-month full paid sick leave. Now that she has recovered, she works wholeheartedly in MMK.

Lesley is an unassuming boss. She is very friendly to her employees and always communicates with them. She often invites her employees’ family members for reunion dinner, and she meets senior employees and their family members frequently. For example, she knows Yunfong’s family very well. She holds that a happy family contributes much to work efficiency, and that is why she cares much about her employees’ family life. Her efforts are not in vain. When her employees learn that their boss is that caring, they try their hearts out to work in the restaurant and often take the initiative to improve the efficiency.

Lesley Mak used to be a civil servant. She began to run this half a century old restaurant in 2003, when her mother passed away. On the one hand, she understands that she has to follow many rules in management. On the other hand, she also emphasizes human interest. Lesley explained, “I have helped out in the restaurant since I was a child. I could see that Mum was very friendly to the staff. She always invited them to talk and she valued human interest. The work place was like a family.” Following her mother, Lesley now manages the restuarant as if it was a family. She cares much about her employees. This is the reason why MMK received Family-Friendly Employers Award in the first Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme in 2011.

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